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Wagner-Weber Associates


Wagner-Weber Associates, Inc. is a technology consulting and strategic implementation firm located in New York, NY. Their consulting practice focuses "exclusively on financial services firms including Register Investment Advisors (RIA’s), Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Broker Dealers and other companies associated with capital markets-related activities", and their "alternative investment and buy side clients have Assets under Management ranging from $250M to $15B, to whom they provide complete hands-on assistance in the design, implementation and ongoing support of their entire technology infrastructure including their disaster recovery systems."

Such a unique firm with a specific clientele required a unique, sleek, and contemporary looking site that directly displays the company directive to meet the approval of the high-profile clients they service. We met their need with a informationally-loaded, one-page site alongside a bold design that categorically affirms their long-standing reputability on Wall Street.


Main Features

  • Entirely mobile-friendly.

    • Direct call/email buttons; entirely mobile friendly.

      • Buttons open calls/email apps upon click.

  • Full company headshots taken and edited.

    • All 17 of Wagner-Weber's employees were photographed at their office with our portable photo studio and all photos were edited and optimized for the web.

      • All employees were given copies of their headshots.

  • Nearly all stock photos on the site were shot by us on location (in this case, NYC).

    • Photos are included both on web pages and banners. Copies of all photos were given to the company.

  • Parallax-motion banners with text.

    • Includes optional circular cropping for web optimization.

  • Includes links to whitepapers and service pages

    • Links are also available in button style

  • Prioritized banner fonts.

Secondary Features

  • Custom favicon.

  • Hover-impressed Navigation links.

    • Navigation links repeated in footer.

  • Full-page landing image.

  • Arrow-style scroll index icon.

  • Company logo as page marker; bookend style.

  • Company slogan/quote repeated throughout the site.

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Entirely Mobile-Friendly

Clickable direct email and call links.