Original Content Services


Working to Build Your Brand

While a sleek, professional website is crucial in elevating a business, exemplary content is an integral part in establishing both a brand and an online presence. Content should not only reflect your general brand message, but the philosophy, character and tact that your business puts forward when interacting with clients. This is to say that the images, videos, and copy (written text) that you use for your brand will always be consistent with your businesses message and mission, which is why we offer creation and treatment services for all three of these types of content.




Over the past several years general audiences and potential clients have begun to see original photography (as opposed to buy-online stock images) as a qualifier for the authenticity of a business. This is likely because photographs allow a more direct window into the ideals and character of a business, giving clients a greater sense of visual familiarity with the company they are looking to interact with. We're proud to have serviced a wide variety of businesses for our photography service, including (but not limited to) law firms, small shop retailers, tech consulting firms, and marketing agencies.

Photography content that we provide is given over entirely to your business so that it can be used in various ways, including (but not limited to):

Team portraits/headshots.

Company website.

Social media.

Panel discussions and conferences.

Newsletters and memos.

To view our photo portfolio as well as some of our photography clients, visit our partnered photography site at www.AJWeberPhoto.com or do so by exploring the links below.




The language you associate with your company defines your brand at its core. Words are the crux of how a business markets itself in that it precisely establishes what a company stands for, their mission, their ideals, the uniqueness of their products, and how they wholly set themselves apart from their competition. In the online world, the right wording on a website or social media platform is a crucial part of search engine visibility, or SEO; this is to say that the right keywords and text can increase the possibility of potential clients and customers coming across your business while looking for a service on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.

We offer a copywriting service that works to match and expand your company's message. We do this by talking with you or your company's representatives in learning exactly what your business stands for, your mission, your clients, and your brand as a means of developing new, creative text that can appear in various places, such as:

Company Website

Social Media



Panel Discussions and Conferences

Visit our clients page to see how we've both developed and revamped the copy of those businesses we've had the opportunity to work with.




Videos are an exceptional way to connect to potential customers and clients. They give users a way to understand the character and nature of your business in both an welcoming and unfettered way. Regarding social media and corresponding algorithms (particularly Facebook), video content is the most compatible and most shared of all types of content. Too, videos have proved to be among the effective types of content today, with 52% of marketing professionals worldwide now claiming video as the type of content with the best return on investment (ROI)

Algorithms and social media aside, videos give your clients a more interpersonal way to connect to your business. This might include showcasing a current product, highlighting a particular service, or simply introducing potential customers and clients to your business.

Take a look at an example through the video we filmed and produced for a local retail company highlighting their monogramming service. We use the latest Adobe Premiere Pro software to edit our work.