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Our Mission

Your Vision, By Design


We are an independent website development firm that optimizes web-based content management software (e.g. Squarespace) through a variety of services by using web development knowledge, custom content modification, and coding. 

Our mission is to combine stunning design with online accessibility to create the vision you have for your company.  We work with you directly–over the phone, email, and in person. In collaborating with us we strive to develop your vision through the lens of design, making sure that you and your team approve every step along the way. In the end, the final product is your vision, by our design.

You know your business best.


Like yourself, we're a small business. We ourselves understand the importance of presentation, and therefore aim to present our clients with a polished site that reflects the specifics of your brand and the distinct minutiae that sets your business apart.

It is important that you're able to manage the backend of your website after it has been designed. By designing all of our sites on a user-friendly platform (Squarespace), we give you the means to effectively manage your site completely on your own.

Simply put, we build sleek, polished websites for small businesses wishing to further their online presence in a contemporary world. With all of the user-friendly perks of a platform-developed website and the look of professional design, we then hand over the finished site to your business to permanently commandeer.


About Us



Andrew John Weber


For short, AJ.

I am the owner, operator, and coordinator of Weber Designs. I run my business out of Pittsburgh, PA, home of the Steelers, the Carnegie Museums, and a steadily emerging technology industry.

I've independently built sites for Mom-and-Pop shops, local non-profits and larger firms in both NYC and London, UK. For several years I have worked as a photographer (and still do), shooting for clients ranging between large corporations, weddings, and fine art publications. I have translated that profession into content creation through my skills in Photoshop and InDesign. 

My goal is to build and design a sleek, accessible, and stunning website for businesses who are then able to easily modify their new website through user-friendly tools.

I've long had a passion for art, design, and helping small businesses grow. As someone who runs their own small business, I firmly believe one has a duty in supporting their communities comprised of other exceptional small businesses–lifting each other up by accentuating our unique services and qualities–the foremost reason I take such pride and enjoyment in my work.


Who are "We"?


Not to get existential...

When I say "we," I mean to refer to your business, myself, and the talented HTML and CSS freelancers I partner with to help create websites for small businesses. Specializing in optimizing web-based content management software, I work to enhance the potential of your company's central web presence through a variety of services through online platform developers (Squarespace) by introducing custom content modification and coding. 


What Can We Do For You?


In this digital age your web presence plays a massive part in bringing in today's potential for new business. Even through DIY web development platforms, building a website with a professional presence is time-consuming, requiring a great deal of web development and design knowledge. Too, hiring outside development firms is often extremely expensive–costing both large and small companies thousands of dollars to hire internal and external developers.

We offer to build a site for you with all of the user-friendly perks of a platform-developed website and the look of professional design. You are then handed over a fully functional and polished website to your small business to permanently commandeer. We do this by partnering with coders and adding the widgets you require, assessing the analytic tools you need, and removing unwanted aspects that come with the platform.

Our repertoire includes personal websites/portfolios, event sites, business sites, sales sites, and more. We offer a range of services in addition to building your website, including content creation (photography/videography), brand treatment, and social media marketing consultation. If you have an idea for your site, get in contact with us and we'll work with you to bring your business or concept to the digital world.



Our Goal is to Help Your Business Grow